I am a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, video, and non-fiction writing.


Using personal stories and memories as a ground for connection, I want my work to feel like a good conversation with a close friend.

I write as a collector. Gathering nuanced moments, finding  links between daily glimpses, to create nonverbal meanings. Using the most concrete form of art, language, I try to transmit abstract concepts and emotions. Just like at the end of a good talk, we stay not with the content of the conversation, but with an underground motion of closeness. 


I am interested in the possibility of art  to generate a relationship as the performers and the audience progressively turn from being strangers into being somewhat close. The possibility of art to evoke the adrenalin we feel when facing intimacy and to create a sense of genuine connection.


Humor allows me to utilize painful places to create a common ground of shared vulnerability. Rather than a defense mechanism, I use it as an exposure mechanism. Confronting this hyper-exposure might create embarrassment at the beginning, but hopefully, gradually, it transforms and sprouts to a sense of familiarity and empathy. I am challenging the limits of authenticity in an attempt to feel less alone. 


Using movement improvisation, I am swept by the immediate intimacy of a body moving and sweating. Movement is a tool for me to enter a zone of joyful effort and childlike play, processing thoughts physically and unconsciously.

I find freedom in being a non-dancer and in a way "wrong". I meet my body intuitively, moving in a way that only I can and cannot be taught.

When I dance, I allow myself to be wild, open, and emotional. I explore the potential of the freedom I take to be contagious.


 As a Chi gong and Tai chi practitioner, I am inspired by the 5-element theory. I try to embrace that rhizomatic point of view of the world as a huge bundle of connections between energies, forces, and singularities that are depending on one another.


Adi Helman (b.1991) is Israeli-born multidisciplinary  artist, working in the fields of performance, video, and non-fiction writing.

She graduated from The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, And currently based in New York and working in New York and in Israel.

In her work, Adi deals with the inner turmoil that one face before taking a brave step.

Her works were presented in "The Gallery", Sohotel, New York City ; "Between Heaven And Earth dance festival; "Ha'hanut" theatre, Tel Aviv; and more. Her poems were published at various poetry magazines such as "Po'em", "Open Call", "Motive", "Bitaon", and more.

My work


The Rhizome


Photo by Amit Mann

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