Body Language


Creator and performer: Adi Helman

Video: Ofri Gil

The stage is a multilingual space

in which I would like to bridge

the hesitant (but fussy free) stutter,

that I have in English,

the knowing (but rigid) confidence,

that I have in Hebrew,

and the ineloquent (but intuitive) vitality,

that I have in movement.

I find the advantage of

not speaking the language,

of being a non-dancer.

Unrestrained to the schooling of the language.

I seek the freedom

of giving in to the mistakes and imprecision,

In a language that is not mine,

And prefer the try over the stillness.

The piece was presented at "Between Heaven And Earth" dance festival, Jerusalem, August 2021.


Photos by Natasha Shakhnes

לוגו בין שמים לארץ(5).png