Performers: Adi Helman, Anat Hendlesman, Roni Golan

In this ensemble performance piece the performers are trying to reach a spiritual experience. Sharing an ecstatic dance, charging daily moments with  sacred energy, singing harmoniously, and embodying the character of a spiritual guide - are all ways in which they are trying to feel that sublime point. The effort to “fully experience” also brings disappointment, disconnection and exhaustion


Come On


"Why isn't it fun?

Why doesn't it feel like bliss? like a miracle that happened to me? why can't it be the best thing? huge abundnce that just falls right on me. Why can't I feel right now that the present is is beyond my expectations? like we are sitting on the balcony and eating Melon and saying: "Remeber when we did'nt know each other? how different was everything!" Why can't I know how much precious, special, magical, shining, unique, rare, whole, powrfull, and unlightened I am? Why is this moment not good? like we came out of the spring and we are naked but we don't put our clothes because it's the most brave and amazing thing that we will ever do?"

Photos by Amit Mann