From Now On

Co-creator and performer: 

Nitzan Trainin


Co-created with Nitzan Treinin, this

piece is a good-bye song for a one-year long distance

relationship, a moment before I moved

to the US to reunite with my partner.

 I felt possessive for those last moments of separation, and I didn't want to let them vanish so easily.

This piece deals with time, using

the time difference. Holding on to memories

of our old selves and struggling to grasp the present moment.


the work was presented at "Hahanut 33" theatre, as part of "Pulhan Ishiut" performance event. 


When you will come back home, I will look at you from the doorhole and I won't open the door. I will stand as close as I can and tell you "do you understand that when I will open the door we will meet?" and you will say "yes I do, so can you do that?" but I won't. I will stand there and feel how weird is time. How we once thought of this absurd separation, and how we did it and we really lived like that, for months, and now it's coming to an end and I can just open the door… but I can also not. Because when I open it, there will be no more longing. Now we are in "this period" and when I open the door we will be in the next one. Now I can feel every moment that we've gone through, everything is here right now. I won't open.