Strong Words Create Reality


A riddle: What is strong from the outside

and fragile from the inside, when you

don’t have it you are sweet,  and when you

have it you are intimidating?


This text based solo-performance is a

stream of private thoughts, associations,

and memories. 

 The performance is my attempt to stick to my decision to be confident.

The piece was presented at:

"Hahanut 33" theatre, Tel-Aviv

"Sheon Horef" festival, Jerusalem

"Komot" performance event, Tel-Aviv


"I want to say that I have a plan. I have a plan to study chinese medicine, and be excellent at it. This is not an apology! Because I'm not that kind of person anymore who apologizes for what he does, even before I even made it. I would not really want to create a feeling that there is reason to think I am not good enough. That's not what I'm saying. On the contrary, I am saying there is something else that I really can be really good at. For sure. So I'm actually boosting myself up. I am actually saying that I am a genius in the field of Chinese medicine. And this is not manipulation. Really."

Photos by Tal Kronkop