This Installation is dealing with the conflict

between the wish to freeze time, and the

will to allow change to happen.

knowing that I’m at my prime right now.

One day I would say about this moment: 

“How beautiful I was and how I did not know it!”

Every step away - I’m less young. I am

approaching the stage where decisions

that I have not made, I no longer will.

That whatever I did not choose to be, I

will no longer be.

But what will I be?

The objects:


In the small frames: a list of things I can steel be or do and a list of things that I no linger can


In the large frame the sentence:

“more then I am scared to miss I’m scared to not miss” (in Hebrew miss in terms of longing, missing someone or something)


5 pares of half animals connected to each other with a precious stone “peacock cooper” creating 5 new whole creatures.

There is a Lot More



Photos by Gal Amoyal and Lilach Zvi