You Do You


"You Do You" is a mosaic of 27 photo-frames, each containing a description of an imaginative photo and mood, referring to "you."

The piece wishes to trigger the viewer to place themselves in these very particular private moments. Some "photos" describe family and childhood memories ("A family photo, before they knew you were having sex," "Your mother was so beautiful"). Others evoke personal experiences ("You looking at the camera, the person that will break your heart is looking at you," "You, confidently explaining something, without noticing you are being photographed").

While the wall itself is impartial and neutral, the lack of images in the frames allows for each person to see themselves in it, and by doing so, make the piece their own. Different people can fill this pictureless wall differently, but do they share a similar experience doing so?

In this piece, I am interested in the connection between a private insight and a shared emotion, as the wall of pictureless frames functions as a potential collective space, bridging the gap between a personal and shared emotion.

The piece is part of the group exhibition "Muscle Memory" at the Soho Hotel Gallery, May 2021.